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this guy said “bye” to me and I told him “you too” and I have literally spent the past four hours debating whether or not that was socially acceptable

"Bye" is an abbreviation of "goodbye" which was a contraction of "God be with ye" to which it would be appropriate/grammatically logical to respond "You too" so yeah you’re fine

well then that’s one less thing to be embarrassed about

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Keira Knightley Style

With Keira Knightley’s newest film Begin Again released at the end of June, her face (and most importantly, style) has been grabbing our attention in the press. Decked in frocks from Chanel and Valentino to Simone Rocha and Prada (lucky girl!), her red carpet game has been on-point and it’s no surprise why she’s our current style muse.

Known as one of the most beautiful and talented actresses of our time, Keira Knightley’s style is impeccable, chic and classic. If you want to get her look, stick to our tips. We guarantee you’ll feel glamorous.

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